About us

The French Young Farmers (JA) is the only agricultural union dedicated to the young. The organization is apolitical and independent. It is lead in the whole territory by farmers under the age of 35. With its 14 regional structures and 95 departmental structures, the union values all agricultural regions and all sectors of production in France.

Our vision of Agriculture: a Human agriculture

JA promotes family farming, where farmers take their decisions independently and autonomously and develop viable, livable and transferable farms. JA acts to ensure that in the future, farmers are numerous, the territories dynamic and our food makes sense.

JA’s vocation is to ensure the renewal of farming generations. JA facilitates the conditions to become a farmer, and gives long-term perspectives for the young who start their farms.

Since its creation in 1957, JA has been built with several missions, which are still at the heart of its actions: defending the interests of the young farmers and those who are starting their farm, coming up with innovative ideas for the future, training the union leaders, promoting the job and animating the rural areas. Day by day, JA builds, with its network, positions on agricultural issues and organizes the mobilization of its stakeholders to organize advocacy and communication activities addressing farmers or the public.

JA, a leader in agricultural trade unionism


In order to make young people’s voices heard, JA sits on representative bodies such as the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (Cese) and the European Council of Young Farmers (Ceja).

JA works closely with a wide range of professional agricultural organizations: other unions, the Chambers of Agriculture, the agricultural cooperation and professional mutual undertaking (banking, insurance, social welfare).

JA also works with industries, government and civil society. The union lobbies on a regular basis.

Union victories

Every year, JA gains steps forward for farmers. In 2015, the main victories are the disentangling of the installation issues, the plan to support breeding and the rising part of French products in catering.

See the Union Victories 2015 (FR)